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What is Racing TV Day Pass?

The Racing TV Day Pass offers customers the ability to watch live racing from the best racecourses in the UK and Ireland on whichever day you choose, on computers, tablets, and smart phones, without the commitment of a contract.

Simply pay for the day(s) you want to watch via your mobile phone bill and instantly enjoy the best racing coverage on multiple devices for one day.

Please note – if you are purchasing via your phone bill you will not be able to view via Sky or Freeview. Please visit racingtv.com/daypass to enable Sky or Freeview TV.

The Day Pass viewing hours start from time of purchase until 23.59 on the same day.

How can I purchase a Day Pass?

To purchase a Day Pass simply click here and follow the instructions on your mobile phone, or visit racingtv.com/daypass

A Day Pass costs £10 with no connection fee.

Can I purchase a Day Pass any day of the year?

The Racing TV Day Pass will be available for most days of the year, but some days might be restricted at Racing TV’s discretion.

How do I access my Day Pass?

Simply visit daypass.racingtv.com on your mobile phone.

Do I need to cancel the Day Pass?

Your Day Pass will automatically end at 23.59 on the day of purchase, so there is no need to cancel.

Who do I contact if I’m having viewing issues?

Visit our contact page and select the relevant email subject for help with any issues or call our team

What are the payment methods?

There are two payment methods, depending on whether you are purchasing through WIFI or through 3G/4G, please see below for details

Purchasing with a 3G/4G signal

  • Click to confirm purchase
  • You will then be directed to create an account where you will need to enter your email and a password
  • You are then ready to watch Racing TV

Purchasing over Wifi

  • Click to confirm purchase
  • Confirm your phone number
  • You will then be sent an SMS confirming a PIN code which is then entered in a new field
  • You will then be directed to create an account where you will need to enter an email address and password
  • You are then ready to watch Racing TV

Please note that the email address and password you enter will allow you to access to live pictures via multiple devices.